Find out how MedForte can be a perfect solution for your practice.

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Anytime, anywhere on the cloud

Web based application that integrates seamlessly with MedMobile and allows your office to manage staff and physician workflows from anywhere.

» Always available: Access from anywhere : hospital, office or home

    MedForte’s hosted service allows you to manage your practice needs from anywhere. There is no need to worry about installing software, managing updates and maintaining hardware. A secure online login and encrypted data transmission ensures you can access your data anywhere, anytime.

» Practice data management integrating :

  • Provider workflow
  • Patient data/management/care
  • Mobile data access/capture
  • Communication with external entities
    • — Physicians
    • — Patients
    • — Home Health delivery
    • — Answering services
    • — Billing offices
    • — Collection services

» Practitioners can :

  • Manage Rounds
  • Manage Procedures (CPT codes)
  • Manage Schedules (work/call/holidays/vacation)
  • Track/account non-patient related activities

» Manage Workflows

  • Post-hospital discharge management
  • Disease management
  • Pre-procedure scheduling/patient education

» Manage patient data

  • Illnesses (ICD)
  • Informed consent/decision documentation and pre-procedure checklist
  • Alert management
    • — DNR/comfort care/”no blood products”/medication recall/implantable device alert
  • Track enrollment in research trials

» Bill Accurately

  • Charge submission/scrubbing
  • Add CPT code modifiers as needed
  • Review charges


Complete Integration with MedMobile

  • Patient Creation, Charge Capture, Rounds Management and Schedules
  • All communication modes integrated - Sound(voice)/Text/Images
  • Permanently retrievable patient-related communication threads

Integration with EMR/EHR Systems

  • Real-time integrations with hospital systems, patient management systems, and billing solutions using Hl7.


  • Auto generated most frequently-used list
    • - ICD and CPT codes
  • User/Practice customization of
    • - CPT code packages
    • - ICD list
    • - Schedule management
    • - Non-patient related activity tracking