“we love MedActivus! It was so simple to get up and running and also easy to use! It is by far one of the best decisions we have made as a practice. It has been great for our physicians, billers, and office staff.”- Dr. David Kessler, Austin Heart


“After my first round of billing with MedActivus all I was thrilled! What normally would have taken me a hours of compiling information, coding and organizing it to prepare for charge entry, was done in less than an hour. I was amazed with how easy it really was. MedActivus has made my job much easier.”- Jody Streichhirsch, Billing Analyst, West Shore Cardiology


“Using MedActivus has dramatically increased our captured charges per provider, our collection rate and the precision of our coding, resulting in a vast increase in revenue. It is easy to use, improves the communication between physician and coder and has overall made our daily workflow much more efficient.”


“The technical support team at MedActivus have been so helpful. Emails and calls are returned timely, and problems or questions that arise are resolved very quickly. It is refreshing to have a support team that really cares about their clients.”


“Just one of the many benefits of MedActivus is MedTrix, where I am able to analyze my practice using key metrics and reports. This has helped me audit my physicians, which has overall increased our practice’s accuracy and revenue.”-Dr. Frank Cuoco, Medical University of South Carolina


“MedActivus is extremely user friendly and easy to use! It took me less than ten minutes to learn how to use MedMobile and I have been using it ever since. MedActivus has been the best solution to improve workflow management for my practice”


“MedActivus has dramatically increased my billing accuracy and efficiency.”-Belinda Inabinet, Billing Analyst, South Carolina Heart Center


“It was easy decision to choose MedActivus. It is extremely physician user-friendly and it makes my practice money.”-Dr. Zubair Jafar, Hudson Valley Heart Center


“I love using MedMobile! Capturing a charge is so simple it takes less than five steps and I can do it right at the patient’s bedside. Long gone are the days of endless paper trails and lost charges!”-Dr. Arthur Kendig, South Carolina Heart Center


“We have been very impressed with the charge capture feature and how truly easy it is to use. It saves time, and increases revenue. We didn't need MedActivus before, but would be totally lost without it now.”- Dr. Thomas Hill, West Shore Cardiology


"Since using MedActivus, we have seen improved patient tracking and efficient charge capture in our large cardiology group. The clinical notes and secure messaging features have greatly enhanced communication between the physicians and billing staff."- Dr. Zubair Jafar, Hudson Valley Heart Center